To You I Say ‘Thank you’

sunanda satwah
3 min readMay 8, 2020


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This year on my birth anniversary, I did something I should have done sooner. I sent out ‘Thank you’ notes to my family, friends and loved ones. I thanked them for being part of my life and for contributing to it with the richness of their wisdom and wit. And even though there was no grand celebration, no eating out, no exchange of gifts, I experienced a fullness of heart, I hadn’t felt before.

I don’t suppose turning a year older has bestowed any great wisdom on me. In fact, I would credit this new found appreciation for what I have and who I have in life, to these strange times of COVID19. The past few months have brought about a strange change of heart and grateful acceptance for all that I still have in my life. If anything, the past weeks have taught many of us that we cannot take life, or the longevity of our loved ones for granted. Often enough in the 9 to 5, five days a week grind, we forget the miracle that is life!

To be able to wake up in the morning.

To be able to go to sleep in the same bed at night.

How splendid!

To have people to love and people who love you; to be able to share laughter, hugs and kisses; to be able to work; to be part of a family; to be part of a larger community; to have friends and pets. How truly blessed we are in innumerable ways, big and small.

For the first time, a birth anniversary seemed truly magical and the precious gift it is. The gift of life and the gift of living. I fervently hope that this clarity of priorities and knowing what is important, continues to blossom within our hearts- yours and mine, as the year progresses.

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We meet many people in the physical world; while some we meet only through their words and notes of music. And even though we may never meet in person, our opinions merge and influence the other, leaving wordprints behind on the creative soil of each other’s mind.

And so, to you my large-hearted Medium friends, I say ‘Thank you’.

In the physical world we may be strangers, but in here I borrow from you your wisdom. I glimpse into your thoughts. You invite me to experience your insights. I allow my perceptions be challenged.

Here, I agree. Disagree. Agree to disagree. Grow.

You may perhaps never know which of your thoughts resonated within me and which ones quietly germinated in the fertile soil of my mind.

To you dear word warriors, a big ‘Thank You’ :)

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